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    Query regarding sending XML over HTTP Post request


      I am trying to send XML data from a server to client via HTTP Post request
      And vice versa � receive the data by a client

      Assume that the xml data looks something like


      So my post query will look like

      http://<IP Address>:<port>/
      POST /MessageReceiver.jsp HTTP/1.0
      Host: www.SomeHost.net
      Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
      Content-Length: 38

      This information will be received by the client and converted back to xml data.

      My query is - is there some library/open-source stuff that
      does the process of transcoding the entity's non-ASCII characters
      at the server side
      and decoding the URL back to human-readable form at the client side?

      i.e. I need a simple mechanism to convert
      at the server side, while sending data

      and do the opposite at the client side to get the xml back.

      Also could some one confirm if JTidy is a right tool to check if the xml is well-formed?
      Or is there any other standard tool that checks for well-formed properties of xml?