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    how do you get a train to goto a different page

      I am trying to use the Train objects (UIX jdev9 version

      I have figured out how to display the train on the screen
      here is the code:

      <train selectedIndex ="1" id = "Train" destination="Study_View.uix" >
      <link text="Framework"/>
      <link text="Study"/>
      <link text="Organizations for a Study"/>
      <link text="Regions for a Study"/>
      <link text="Business Units for a Study"/>
      <link text="Vision"/>

      and I have found out about the goto event, again here is the code:

      <event name="goto" source="Train" value="3">
      <ctrl:go name="third_page" redirect="true"/>

      my problem is that I can only have one goto event, even though I tried a second goto with different values

      <event name="goto" source="Train" value="1">
      <ctrl:go name="first_page" redirect="true"/>

      it only goes to the last goto event no matter what I pick.

      what am I doing wrong?