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    Strange problem with InetAddress.getByName (really strange)

      Poor english, sorry :)

      Problem : if i convert a string (like "") in InetAddress using addrs = InetAddress.getByName(args[o]) the result is that addrs = / and not (there is the "/" !).
      This problem cause obviuosly problem to create socket becouse i can't invoke a socket on a ip like /

      STEP1: usually i develop with eclipse 3.1 on a linux based machine, sometime with eclipse 3.1 on a win xp pro machine, but all worked fine.

      STEP2: i try to develop on Windows Vista with eclipse 3.2 (3.1 not work on my Vista machine) but Vista need JVM installed so i download the new JVM 5.0 from sun---eclipse works but is borned the "ip / problem".

      STEP3: the code develop on linux but saved (little changes) on Vista not work on linux too. Same ip problems.

      STEP4: try use netBeans in linux based machine but the problem is the same so i suppose could be JVM to cause problems (on my pc with win xp e win vista could be the installation of jmv 5.0, on linux based machine ...i don't know.....).

      STEP5: on my machine i unistalled JVM 5.0 and 1.4 and reinstalled only the 1.4. Problem persist.

      Thank for support and for read my first thread here in spanglish (but i'm italian ).