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    Starting Weblogic server with eclipse.

      I am trying to start the web logic server through Hudson build.I have specified the goals in pom.xml and i am using cargo plugin (maven). When i build using Hudson. It builds the war file and copies to folder so when the weblogic starts it uses that war file. But in my case the the war file is copied to correct location where the server expects it when it starts but when it tries to deploy it takes from the Hudson location where it was created can anyone help me with this? i need some help with this so that when i deploy it picks the correct war file.
      I have the pom.xml that i was using.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Hope your pom.xml file is not suitable to WebLogic. it is for Jboss.

          Let me point you to right link here: https://docs.sonatype.org/display/M2ECLIPSE/Using+Maven+with+application+servers#UsingMavenwithapplicationservers-Weblogic

          Change your pom.xml file accordingly and let us know what is the situation for your eclipse.

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