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    JNLPDownloadServlet and Jetty - jar file can't be updated, says it's in use

      I am testing the JNLPDownloadServlet in Jetty. I am running into a problem where the servlet is basically locking the version.xml, my JNLP file, and any related jar files that are loaded from the JNLP file.

      So the first time I request the JNLP that is located in the download servlet folder it loads and sends all of the files to the client. That part works correctly. I even have the version update working correctly.

      Now say I want to update the main jar file so the client receives the latest updates. This is not a totally new version just a bugfix version so no need to create a whole new version. When I try to delete or rename the existing jar file it says the file is in use. In order for me to update the jar file I have to kill the Jetty application and restart it. But once it hits the jar file again I can't access it again.

      Am I missing something or is this how the JNLPDowloadServlet is supposed to work?

      This is on a Windows XP machine running Jetty 6.1.22 using the latest JNLPDownload servlet contained in the JRE 6.0 update 22.