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    More regex help: Word once or not at all

      Hi - and here's hoping someone is as helpful as sabre150 was last time. I have a String which if of the form ABC.D [CFD1234] or the form ABC.D [1234] (that is, the CFD may or may not be there).

      So I would like to pull out the numbers 1234 from either of these Strings: If I just take the first String the pattern is
      and I tried the following for "CFD" once, or not at all but it didn't work
      This didn't work because it reads "CF" followed possibly by "D". So how do I say The word "CFD" once or not at all?

      Cheers for any help

      PS. I've got this working using the regex
      and then matching on group #2 if there's no match on group #1 but this seems a bit ugly to me!
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