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    Using web start to view jar file

      Im new to web start. I have developed a Java Help and now I need to attach that to my application which run's on Browser. My help file is in the application server and it is in a form of a .jar file.
      Now i need to invoke the jar file into my client browsers by clicking on Help button. I herd that java Web Start is a good option for this. Can any one explain me how to overcome this problem using Web Start
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          Can u explain ur problem clearly?I did n't understand ur problem clearly

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            Read the file in this link to get an idea about webstart. It includes additional links for further details.

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              I developed an online help system for my Software. To develop the help I used JAVA Help, now I have compress all content of my help into a .jar file. And if I double click on the .jar file the file executes with out any problem.
              Now I need to attach this file (Help) to my System. So I need to know a way to do this using Java Web Start.
              I hope to use Web start because my help system and all other application files are in a remote machine / Server (Because the system is a web based one). So users will log into the system through web browsers, What I need to do is to attach the help into my system so that users can use the help online.
              Can some one help me out to do this using web start.