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    Ramdisk read error

      While working on the Wishbone bridge we made smaller ramdisk (16 MBytes) to fit in the onboard NOR flash device. While booting, we are getting the following:

      Loading initial ramdisk (8161280 bytes at 0x2000000 phys, 0x40C00000 virt)...
      Read error on block 16237 (tries 150528, got 4294967295)

      Read error on block 16237 (tries 150528, got 4294967295)

      Error loading /initrd.img

      Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?
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          Hi there.

          Did you ever end up determining the cause of this problem? I've had it occur a number of times when I've built new kernels and ramdisks, but I have yet to find what's wrong.

          I've been working with a T1 FPGA, running a custom 2.6.32 Linux kernel. The kernel I'm currently using is almost identical to one that I installed on our SunFire T1000 server, with a few modifications made to accommodate the FPGA (including rewritten sunhv_net and sunhv_disk drivers). The default, full kernel works fine, but if I try to skim down the kernel (by, say, removing sound support), I get this error when I boot.

          Thanks for your help.

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            I suppose a cause of the error is something in SILO. I check the number of second.b sector when I make image of disk. If the number is too small (< 0x1000 f.e.) the error happend. Perhaps latest SILO version doesn't have the feature.

            What kind of network driver do you use for 2.6.32 kernel on T1 FPGA board?


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              I agree that it's probably related to SILO. I made some changes to the scripts I have that build the ramdisk, and that seemed to fix it. Originally, I replaced the boot/silo.conf file with my own version that removed the "quiet" boot option, ensuring that the kernel booted verbosely. I changed it so the script used `sed` to remove "quiet" from the original file, and that seemed to fix my problem. At least, I haven't encountered this error since, and I can only assume that it was some change I made to the scripts that did this.

              As for the network driver, I'm using the sunhv_net driver that comes with the OpenSPARC code. I only had to modify/update it for the 2.6.32 kernel (since it was written for the 2.6.22 kernel). I had to update a few functions and structs, I believe; nothing major. I should also note that we're not using the network driver right now, so I have no idea if it works.

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                Out of memory?