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    Memory access kills device driver

      Hello all,

      I'm working on a project for which we've written a device driver for a device that we've added to the T1 FPGA board. The guy who wrote the driver has been trying to test it, but has found that he cannot access allocated memory without the driver being killed. He first allocates memory with the driver (and /proc/iomem indicates that is has been allocated to this device), but no matter how he tries to access the memory area, the process is terminated and displays "Killed". He has tried dereferencing pointers in the memory block and using various memory-access functions, all in different locations of the device driver.

      It seems to us that something (the Hypervisor, perhaps?) is preventing memory access. Does anyone know what the problem could be? As mentioned, we think it's the Hypervisor preventing access, but we are unsure how to allow the driver to read and write to the memory block.

      If you have any insight or ideas, please pass them along. Your help is greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you need further details, I'll include them.

      Thank you kindly.