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    problems on running OpenSPARCT1 regression

      I am a student and I have downloaded the OpenSPARCT1 HW 1.7. I prefer to use linux operating system, but there are some information written in OpenSPARC_DVguide, it says the regression can only run on Solaris9 or Solaris10 operating system. I am wondering whether it is possible to run regression over linux? and how?

      I have tried to run regression over linux and there are some information exist in linux:

      /data/tools/Novas/Debussy5.2/share/PLI/vcsd/SOLARIS2/pli.a: could not read symbols:File in wrong format
      sims:Caught a SIGDIE. failed building model at /data/home/chench/sparct1/tools/src/sims/sims,1.262 line 2019
      sims:Caught a SIGDIE. Could not build model for regression at /data/home/chench/sparct1/tools/src/sims/sims,1262 line 1272

      Thank you very much!