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    Resizing a TIFF File: Overwriting TIFFFields does not have any effect


      I have some TIFF files that I am receiving through a FAX server. Some of the TIFF files have an image length of *1077 pixels and a DPI of 200x98*. These images open fine in generic viewers like Microsoft Image Viewer and IrfanView and the image size in the information dialog shows up fine (1752x2158). But when I open the images in a LeadTools viewer (that works off TIFF Header tags), the image appears stretched out.

      I am trying to re-sample the image to make it a true Letter size image (1700x2200) with resolution of 200x200. I have been able to set the TAG_X_RESOLUTION and TAG_Y_RESOLUTION which I can see changed in the Tag Viewer. But changing the following tags does not have any effect on the resulting image:


      the following is the code I am using, I have tried all possible ways (removing TIFFFeilds and then adding them), but it has no effect. The last options is to use a Print Driver from within Java and Print the image (that re-samples it into a 8.5x11 inch image with 200 DPI). At this point, I am just curious about writing TIFFFields with images. Any ideas are appreciated:


      import java.io.BufferedOutputStream;
      import java.io.File;
      import java.io.FileInputStream;
      import java.io.FileOutputStream;
      import java.util.Iterator;

      import javax.imageio.IIOImage;
      import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
      import javax.imageio.ImageReader;
      import javax.imageio.ImageWriter;
      import javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetadata;
      import javax.imageio.stream.ImageInputStream;
      import javax.imageio.stream.ImageOutputStream;

      import org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap;
      import org.w3c.dom.Node;

      import com.sun.media.imageio.plugins.tiff.BaselineTIFFTagSet;
      import com.sun.media.imageio.plugins.tiff.TIFFDirectory;
      import com.sun.media.imageio.plugins.tiff.TIFFField;
      import com.sun.media.imageio.plugins.tiff.TIFFImageWriteParam;
      import com.sun.media.imageio.plugins.tiff.TIFFTag;
      import com.sun.media.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFT6Compressor;


                     //set the input stream for to the reader
                     //define the writer
                     ImageWriter tiffWriter = (ImageWriter) ImageIO.getImageWritersByMIMEType("image/tiff").next();

                     //define the writer param with compression;
                     TIFFImageWriteParam writeParam = (TIFFImageWriteParam)tiffWriter.getDefaultWriteParam();
                     TIFFT6Compressor compressor = new TIFFT6Compressor();

      // get the metaData
                     IIOMetadata imageMetadata = null;
                     IIOImage testImage = null;

                     for(int i=0;i<filePageCount;i++)
                          imageMetadata = tiffFileReader.getImageMetadata(i);
                          TIFFDirectory dir = TIFFDirectory.createFromMetadata(imageMetadata);
                // Get {X,Y}Resolution tags.
                BaselineTIFFTagSet base = BaselineTIFFTagSet.getInstance();
                TIFFTag tagXRes = base.getTag(BaselineTIFFTagSet.TAG_X_RESOLUTION);
                TIFFTag tagYRes = base.getTag(BaselineTIFFTagSet.TAG_Y_RESOLUTION);
                TIFFTag tagImageWidth = base.getTag(BaselineTIFFTagSet.TAG_IMAGE_WIDTH);
      TIFFTag tagImageLength = base.getTag(BaselineTIFFTagSet.TAG_IMAGE_LENGTH);
                TIFFTag tagRowsPerStrip = base.getTag(BaselineTIFFTagSet.TAG_ROWS_PER_STRIP);
                TIFFField fieldRowsPerStrip = new TIFFField(tagRowsPerStrip, TIFFTag.TIFF_SHORT, 1, (Object)new char[]{2200});
                // Create {X,Y}Resolution fields.
                TIFFField fieldXRes = new TIFFField(tagXRes, TIFFTag.TIFF_RATIONAL,1, new long[][] {{200, 1}});
                TIFFField fieldYRes = new TIFFField(tagYRes, TIFFTag.TIFF_RATIONAL,1, new long[][] {{200, 1}});
                // Create Width/Height fields.
                TIFFField fieldImageWidth = new TIFFField(tagImageWidth,TIFFTag.TIFF_SHORT,1, (Object)new char[]{1728});
                TIFFField fieldImageLength = new TIFFField(tagImageLength, TIFFTag.TIFF_SHORT,1, (Object)new char[]{2200});
                //TIFFTag imageLengthTag = fieldImageLength.getTag();
                // Append {X,Y}Resolution fields to directory.
                //add Image Length and height parameters
                // dir.removeTIFFField(278);
      testImage = new IIOImage(tiffFileReader.read(i), null, dir.getAsMetadata());

      The resulting image with this carries the updated DPI values (200x200) but still carries the old values of 1752x1077, the length being exactly half of what Irfan view is showing.

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