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      • 15. Re: Steps to follow to do a provider business service BSFN call
        Thank you David for your support and quick response.


        • 16. Re: Steps to follow to do a provider business service BSFN call
          Hi David,

          I could call a standard BSFN and publish correctlly the PBSSV in the BSSV Server. Now I want to do the same, but with a custom BSFN.

          I have to start to develop before the custom BSFN was fully ended (and without errors in the compilation), and nowadays it is developing. I have all the develop do it to call it from a PBSSV, but I have the following error:

          Exception in thread "main" oracle.e1.bssvfoundation.exception.BSFNServiceRuntimeException: System Exception occured while executing business function. Please try request again. :AutomaticConfirmShipment(AutomaticConfirmShipment)
               at oracle.e1.bssvfoundation.impl.services.BSFNService.execute(Unknown Source)
               at oracle.e1.bssv.JP55ACS.RT_DCManager.callAutomaticConfirmShipment(RT_DCManager.java:128)
               at oracle.e1.bssv.JP55ACS.RT_DCManager.processTransportationShipmentConfirmation(RT_DCManager.java:79)
               at oracle.e1.bssv.JP55ACS.RT_DCManager.processTransportationShipmentConfirmation(RT_DCManager.java:42)
               at oracle.e1.bssv.JP55ACS.TestRTDCManager.processConfirmation(TestRTDCManager.java:29)
               at oracle.e1.bssv.JP55ACS.TestRTDCManager.main(TestRTDCManager.java:42)
          Caused by: com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.InvalidRemoteSessionException: Fail to execute BSFNMethod com.jdedwards.system.kernel.CallObjectSystemException: Server problem. The server may still be available, but because of state information, the entire unit-of-work must be resubmitted
               at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.callmethod.ExecutableMethodImpl.doExecute(Unknown Source)
               at com.jdedwards.system.connector.dynamic.callmethod.ExecutableMethodImpl.executeBSFN(Unknown Source)
               ... 6 more

          Have you had any similar error? What would be the cause?

          Thank you in advance and regards.
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            I have solved the issue. It was a problem with the data type. I have passed an Integer, and JDE E1 can't resolve it, so it is necessary a MathNumeric type.


            • 18. BSSV calling BSFN -  Input Parameter Date Problem
              Hello Gurus,

              I am new to JDE and BSSV and actually encountering a problem in the code with input parameter of type Date.

              ***********************Internal VO i have the following variable (the input date) and its accessors:

              private Date jdDateDemandee = null;

              public void setJdDateDemandee(Date jdDateDemandee) {
              this.jdDateDemandee = jdDateDemandee;

              public void setJdDateDemandee(Calendar jdDateDemandee) {

              if (jdDateDemandee != null) {
              this.jdDateDemandee = jdDateDemandee.getTime();
              // this.jdDateDemandee = jdDateDemandee;

              public Date getJdDateDemandee() {
              return jdDateDemandee;

              **************** in the published VO for the same variable i have:

              private Calendar jdDateDemandee = null;

              public void setJdDateDemandee(Calendar dateRequested) {
              this.jdDateDemandee = dateRequested;

              public Calendar getJdDateDemandee() {
              return jdDateDemandee;

              And the BSFN which is being called has a date as input parameter and when testing the BSSV, it seems that the date is not being passed in the correct format.

              Is there any conversion to do for the date?



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              • 19. Re: Steps to follow to do a provider business service BSFN call
                Hello dave I'm doing the consuming webservices tutorial, but when I invoke the service application developed by the JDEdwards it returns an error:
                There was aproblem with the server while running the business function CallGetFortuneBSSV.
                I'm running on version DEMO.
                please help me somehow.

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                • 20. Re: Steps to follow to do a provider business service BSFN call
                  Hello Monica!
                  You managed to finish tutorial to "Consuming Web Services"?
                  I'm having the same problem as yours when run my application.
                  I've tried various configurations ..
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