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      Dears ,

      Is it necessary to have a blanekt agreement to implement the min max method, i want to create a requistion directly instead of blanket release?
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You don't have to have blanket po for min-max planning.
          Min-max planning creates requisitions.

          You can convert the requisitions into Std PO or Blanket Release manually.
          If you want to automate this conversion, you will need a Quote or blanket PO.

          Hope this answers your question
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Omkar Technologies Inc.
          Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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            thanks for your reply , but when i submit the min-max request then do the requisition import request , no requisition created and the output of the request display that the number of the release =zero , so what do you think the problem is ?

            Thanks in advance

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              Karthik Gopaluni

              When you ran the min-max report what was the replenishment qty showing at the end of the report? Did you run the report with re-stock as YES option?

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                Yes i put the restock option yes , and the amount equal to the max . amount .
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                  Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                  Make sure you have done the setups detailed below

                  Sandeep Gandhi
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                    Karthik Gopaluni
                    Also run the requisition import exceptions report and see if this item shows up in the report with the error message.
                    Common errors include invalid buyer, list price defined at the item level.

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                      In the org item set up is the source in the general tab set to supplier?
                      Same holds true if you are planning min/max at the subinventory level...need to check that set-up
                      hope this helps
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                        Thanks for your reply

                        my setup as following

                        sourcing is supplier i have been set up supplier in the organization parameter , also at the item level ,

                        when i submit the interface error report , i found theses errors:

                        1-Destination Organization (Value = 996) is not a valid

                        2-Provide an operating unit. "All Buyers" has been deprecated"

                        what these errors mean?

                        thanks again
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                          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                          Are you working in a valid instance?

                          Purchasing > setup > personnel > buyers
                          Check if there are any active buyers.

                          Select organization_code from mtl_paremeters where organization_id=996
                          Check if the org is valid.

                          select * From hr_operating_units where organization_id =996
                          Check if the organization name is a valid operating unit.

                          Hope this helps
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                            hi ,

                            I am working on vision , i have check buyer and org , there is no proplem in the validation ,

                            but my question that i dont use blanket agreement but when i submit the requisition import , there is a request spawn automatically called create releases , why this created?

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                              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                              It is probably part of the workflow. But if you don't have a Blanket, it won't do anything.
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                                Karthik Gopaluni

                                The spawning program is useful to relate the requisition with a approved blanket (if present) and as Sandeep said it will not error out if you don't have one.

                                That is the reason why when you create a requisition and then create a blanket for the item and then run the Create releases program the releases will not happen.