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    Handling the SELECT KEY pressed event on a BlackBerry.

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to build a midlet using Forms (instead of Canvas) and CustomItems (instead of the standard Items). I've got to do it like this in order to develop an accessible Midlet. I can't use Canvas nor "usual" list of items.

      So, my problem is that I can't capture the Select Key pressed event, it's to say, when someone pressed the central key I want the midlet to open an element, instead of opening the Commands menu. With other devices I've approached that by adding an Item Command to every CustomItem I append to the Form, and it works as long as I add just one command to every item, when you "select" the item it just dispatches the command I added.

      But with BlackBerry it just opens the Command list, just like if I were pressing the menu key. I also tried to handle the keyPressed event on every CustomItem, but it just does the same, not disptaching any event, just opening the "menu".

      Has anybody done something like this?

      Any suggestion or ideas would be greatly welcome.