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    Windows server 2008 x64 + 32-bit & 64-bit .NET Applications

      Hi everyone,

      We're in process to move our servers garden to Windows Server 2008 x64.
      We're actually using Oracle Client 11g R2 with Windows Server 2003 x86.

      Our .NET web applications will have to run under IIS in 64-bit mode due to memory limitation of 32-bit.
      Other .NET applications will have to run 32-bit mode because of some third party component.
      All of our .NET applications are builder with 3.5 .NET Framework.

      Do we need to have to version of oracle client 11g, a 32-Bit one and a 64-bit?
      Or can we use only 64-bit client with ODAC 32-bit?

      Is there any documentation somewhere about how to install and configure this kind of setup?

      Best Regards,

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          Jenny -Oracle
          Hi Marco,

          On 64-bit Wndows, 64-bit processes can only load 64-bit dependencies (DLLs) and vice versa, 32-bit processes or applications can only load 32-bit dependencies. On Windows, you will need to install the 64-bit client and ODP for your 64-bit applications and also the 32-bit client and ODP for your 32-bit requirements. They are separate installation bundles and they must be installed in separate oracle homes. Other than that, it should be fairly straigh froward. You just need to make sure your .NET 32-bit applications when deployed to x64 target the x86 processor and not the native processor or they will attempt to run as 64-bit processes and of that application attempts to load a 32-bit dependency you will get the dreaded mad image format exception.

          Jenny B.