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    Apex localization


      I've installed apex and apex listener when whole DB was localized to "America".
      Now I need polish localization. Whole NLS related parameters on DB are set to Polish/Poland, but developers still have problem with session NLS parameters - they are American.

      How to fix it? I mean how to set it for Polish/Poland permanently.

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          Hello Rafal,

          I'm not sure this is a Listener-related problem...
          Have you installed APEX with the correct charset setting in the shell environment? And did you create a new database instance or how did you convert it to be of your desired charset? Which charset did you chose (UTF-8 or 8859-2)? Which J2EE container hosts your APEX Listener?

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            Hi Zawierta,

            Here's a little undocumented trick for you.

            For the login to the Application Builder environment, instead of going to:


            go to:


            This will set your session language to POLISH and your territory settings to POLAND.