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    Select from Oracle to MySQL returns only one row

    Roel Hartman
      The Oracle Developer Days Virtual Box image, so that's 11gR2 EE on OEL
      MySQL 5.1.51-community
      unixODBC 2.3.0

      I got the connection working, I can insert, update and delete records in the MySQL DB from Oracle (SQL Plus).
      But when I enter select * from "employees"@mysql I only get the first record returned.
      If I enter select * from "employees"@mysql order by "id" desc, I only get the last one...
      If I enter select count(*) from "employees"@mysql, I get the - correct - result of 3.

      So, how do I get the complete set of (all) records from a MySQL table in Oracle? Is there some kind of setting or is this intended behavior and do I have to create a PL/SQL loop and put the results into a collection or something like that?
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