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    Importing a list into Purchase order


      I have a list on purchase order entries (Lines) in EXCEL. I would create PO in EBS and import line data from my excel. Is this possible?.

      Alternatively, I a have another PO in system that have similar lines as the one I want to create . I was wondering if import is not possible then is it possible I can copy a PO and edit the new one.

      I am new to EBS; I will appreciate if you can give me navigation details too. Thanks for your help in advance

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You can not create a PO by importing lines from Excel or by copy-paste from a different system.
          You will have to load the data into Oracle's PO interface tables and then run the PO interface.
          That will create a PO for you.

          It takes time to write such interfaces. If you have just a handful of POs or if you will be doing this for a few pos every week, it may not worth spending time on the interfaces.

          Hope this answers your question
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Omkar Technologies Inc.
          Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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            Thanks Sandeep .. That was helpful
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              If you are using R12 then this is possible through buyer's work center...

              E.g. You create a BPA Header.. and you want to upload the lines of this BPA by using source file in excel or text format.

              Under Buyer work center :
              1) click on the agreement tab .. click on the search button.. search for the BPA number you have just created with header info only
              2) Query will fetch your BPA... In Select Agreement option, select "Update" option..and press GO
              3) It will take you to a page : Update Blanket Purchase Agreement XXXXXXXXX

              4) Click on Lines tab of this page
              5) In this page you will see Add Line (fields) : select Via Upload from the LOV. Press GO
              6) Sytem will prompt you for File Type : Tab-Delimited text, XML. CXML etc...you selct your file ...
              7) If you are not sure about file format.. CLICK on DOWNLOAD Resources Button in this page...
              8) Now system will take you to Download Resource page... press Download.. save the template in your local m/c..
              8) Use (texttemplate.txt) the template, build you flat file for BPA lines... and upload it..

              It's easy.. :)

              Hope this will help.

              /S.P DASH