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    Is APEX listener supported in WebSphere

      Can I deploy APEX listener using Websphere? Will it work? Is it supported?
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          WebSphere is not officially supported, but I'd think it should work. Make sure you don't enable any container-specific features like pooling JDBC connections, etc., so it get's a kind of pure J2EE container.
          Also note that the APEX Listener depends on the J2EE Container running on JDK 1.6.0_20 or higher.

          Perhaps you just give it a try and deploy it. The installation document describes the deployment for the various supported plattforms. I think, the basic notion of how to deploy the Listener should be applicable to WebSphere as well.
          If you get it running, you could post your deployment steps here, so other users could use it.


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            Hi, do you get the Apex Listener 2.0 and Websphere 8.0 working?? If yes, can you tell me how do yo do that??