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    cannot start listener on vm

      Hi gurus,
      I have an external drive with oracle ebs r12 installed on it with Red Hat VM.
      I installed vmware server on my laptop and connected the external drive to it.
      It works fine but when i try to start the listener i have the following error:

      TNS-12542 TNS: address already in use

      I am unable to ping the hostname as well. I get the error Network is unreachable:

      $ping apps12.us.oracle.com
      connect: Network is unreachable

      Please help me .
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          TNS-12542 TNS: address already in use
          Please make sure no process is using the same listener port using netstat command (kill those processes manually from the OS), or try rebooting the box and check again.

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            Hi ,
            Please go through this article which gives you step by step guide to setting up EBS R12 from VM template. I was having similar problems like you and now its resolved.