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    Error binding entity variable while using B2B and SDO

      I am following "getting hands on with 11 G" and having the following issues.
      Non Recoverable System Fault :

      *<bpelFault><faultType>0</faultType><entityInternalNestedError xmlns="http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension"><part name="summary"><summary>com.oracle.bpel.client.BPELFault: faultName: {{http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension}bindingFault} parts: {{ summary=&lt;summary>Invocation Exeption: :&lt;/summary> ,detail=&lt;detail>Invocation Exeption: :&lt;/detail> ,code=&lt;code>null&lt;/code>} </summary></part></entityInternalNestedError></bpelFault>*

      Non Recoverable System Fault :

      com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.dom.ElementNSImpl cannot be cast to oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLElement

      Following the turtorial I have associated an entity variable with the CustomerSDOService to hold the reference to the data. The error is happening on the Bind activity where in the primary key is bound with the input value to retreive a row.

      Using SOA suite on Win XP. Seen on the forums it is a bug in the software, but not sure if there is a fix released already. Any help is appreciated.

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