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    Is it safe to create Fast refresh MV on oe_order_lines_all

      Hi There,

      I have ebs system with big oe_order_lines_all table. We are running lot of reports against this tablee which do Full Table scan.We try to create custom indexes but that create problems to other order standard sql's.

      I am planning to create fast refresh MV using Order standard MLOG Table ( mlog$_oe_order_headers_all). I just want to check, did anyone try it? Is it safe for Oracle Standard functions?

      Oracle standard table : oe_order_lines_all
      Oracle standard MLOG Table : mlog$_oe_order_headers_all
      Custom Fast Refresh MV : oe_order_lines_all_mv

      Command to refresh :
      exec DBMS_MVIEW.REFRESH('oe_order_lines_all_mv','F') – Where ‘F’ for Fast refresh.

      Please suggest!!

      Sumit Davre