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    jdk-6uXX does not work in Windows 7 Enterprise

      I followed the instructions of installation of the versions of java 6 (*JDK 1.6u04 -- JDK-6u22-Windows-i586.exe*) and no work in Windows 7, only work the versions previous to the 6.

      One assumes that already this installed and the Web of java indicates that this correctly installed (+http://java.com/es/download/installed.jsp?jre_version=1.6.0_22&vendor=Sun+Microsystems+Inc.&os=Windows+7&os_version=6.1+) but when going to the Control Panel and giving click in the icon of java does open, and does not send error message, when executing via console javacpl is executed but never appears (either does not send error message), when executing javaw also is executed and it does not send error message.

      I am desesperated because or I did everything what find in the network.

      1. To eliminate all the versions and to try with all from the 4 to the 22 without success.
      2. To use to ccleaner in each installation/elimination.
      3. To add variables PATH and CLASSPATH.

      The joke is that I need java 6 for netbeans, eclipse and the applications that use in my work since they estan like jnlp. I hope can help me.