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    FDM (s)low performance

      Dear experts,

      when I am using FDM the "speed" is acceptable (read: high).
      However, at certain times the performance drops to a very slow level.
      We have tried to monitor it and guess that the IIS part is causing the problem.

      Any tips or ideas what else could be the cause and what might be possible solutions regarding IIS?
      We are already trying to find out whether there are other services/programs/maintenance running which is affecting FDQM on a daily basis.

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          Hello Jerome,

          You will have to provide more information.
          1. When do you see the speed reduce?
          2. Is it always the same place or actions that cause it?

          Thank you,
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            Hello W,

            1) speed is reducing at fixed times and has at least a duration of 2-3 hours each time.
            2) actions/place are irrelevant. It happens during each click in each part of FDM (login, changing POV, clicking anywhere).

            Something else is interfering...
            What else might be using IIS? A general backup?

            I have already involved IT to have them monitor/check during the timeslots to hopefully see what might cause the drop in performance.
            Nevertheless this forum might bring more light in the darkness ;-)

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              Have your IT or you have checked the server and see what is running under the Task Manager for HSV**** sessions and/or maybe other things on the server, such as anti-virus screening can slow things down.

              I had my \hyperion\*.* folder being scanned everyday at a given time when users were loading. Once i stopped this scan, things were really fast.


              Azmat Bhatti
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                Hi Jerome,

                have you already checked if an antivirus is checking the Hyperion installation folder? Some antivirus checks the read and write activity on the folders and it affects the FDM process.

                You can look the database activity too. Sometimes, ERPi starts a loop when FDM returns a time out.

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                  Hi All,

                  during the run of the project we have now started to work on a different physical server environment.
                  So far no issues with performance. Also on the old server no new slow performances since the new servers are live.

                  Can anyone confirm the FDM could be affected by users logged into HFM?

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                    Technically yes if FDM is installed on the same server as HFM. Also, things like a consolidation in HFM could impact loading times because the subcube the user is trying to load to may be locked due to a consolidation.
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