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      Hi Guys

      What the excat difference between the approval - approval and forward in the approval screen ? in which case that i need to use the approve and forward ?


      Hazem Mahmoud
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          In Approval screen, you have basically 2 options

          1) Submit for approval : This will be taken care by normal approval process. when this box is checked and submitted for approval, then PO approval process will be based on Employee-Supervisor or Positional hierarchy as defined in the system... I.e. Approval request will be sent to requestor's manager for approval which is a normal process.

          2) Forward : When this box is checked, you have to provide a Person name whom you want to sent for approval as an additional approver for your request.. This is more applicable if say your manager on leave and you want your PO/PR to be forwarded to a person as his replacment for approval.

          / S.P DASH
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            Thanks For your answer , please note that me as a buyer i already submitted the PR /PO for approval , in the approver screen there are many tabs in the right top of the screen which are : approved - approved and forward - forward - - reject - etc
            so from the approver side what the difference between the approver - approver and forward a, when can the approver press the tab of approver and forward instesd of approve tab


            Hazem Mahmoud
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              From Approver side (Notification summary page), an approver can Approve, reject, Re-assign, request for information.

              Your question : what is the difference between the approver - approver and forward a, when can the approver press the tab of approver and forward instesd of approve tab

              When a approver press forward to, system assume that Approver approved the PR and he is forwarding to someone else for additional approval..

              When a Approver thinks his approval is sufficient for the PR he can press Approve button, when he assumes someone else intervention is required in the PR then he can forward to the concern person.

              /S.P DASH
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                Many thanks for your reply, now I get 90% of the answer but i need to ask if the approval forward the document to any ony __out of the approval hirarachy__ ,is this one has the right to approve this document or he will go back to the approver who had forward to him ?


                Hazem Mahmoud
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                  I guess you are using either employee supervisor or position hierarchy. Assume that approval list is built as A - B - C where as C is the final approver. When you (B) say and Approve and forward (to X) you are taking two actions. (1) You are approving the document. (2) You are forwarding it to X. The system pulls the new person (X) in to the approval list and sends the document to the new person as well.

                  The original approval list is not destroyed, rather the new person is included in the approval list.

                  The document is moved to Pre-Approved only if the current approver has authority to approve the document.

                  Hope this clarifies
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                    Anyway - here is my question:

                    When BPO is set up - say the actual release on this order is only $100, however, the BPO total value is already at $500,000. Why is the approval acting on the full value rather than the actual released amount?

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                      Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
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