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    Requisition - Project LOV extension/customization

      Can Project LOV on Requisition Page can be extended based on the Requester's transaction controls?

      I have extended the seeded VO ProjectPALovVO and trying to filter projects based on the requester id (RequesterId).

      I created a LOV mapping for ProjectLOV field in CheckoutSummaryPG and added Criteria/LOVregion item as RequesterId and set the Programmtic Query field as True and
      using the Controller Extn in the LOV was able to filter the projects.

      This is working in the main pg(CheckoutSummaryPG ) but the same LOV extn is not working in the Distribution PG in CheckoutLinesPG Billing tab.

      I use getLovCriteriaItems() to get the passed RequesterId but this is passed as NULL value in the Lines pg and the filter is not working. I repeated the same step of creating a LOV mapping and setting Programmatic Query as True.

      Has anyone resolved this? Also have the same issue with Expenditure Type LOV.

      Is this doable?