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    Item long discription

      Hi Guys,
      How can we show the long discription of the item in the out - print PR - RFQ - PO


      Hazem Mahmoud
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          The seeded PO Output program prints any notes on the item that are of the type TO SUPPLIER.
          So instead of using long description, you can create an attachment on the item and that will show up on the PO output.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi
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            The majorty of our assets and spares are predifined in the master item with both of short discription and long disceiption , so when I prepare any purchase requisition the application will show only the short discription of the required item
            for example if we need to purchase an electrical motor , the short discription will be displayed in the item field as an elecrical motor high voltage without mention any detailed propirties of this motor , so when i send RFQ to the supplier for the purpose of quoting it will show only the short discription which is retrived from the approved purchase requisition line, so how can the supplier quote for electrical motor without any detailed properties

            Please advise


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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              Write a customization that will read the long item description and attaches it either to the ITEM or to the PO REQ as a text attachment. Make sure that the attachment is of the type TO SUPPLIER.

              Hope this answers your question
              Sandeep Gandhi
              Omkar Technologies Inc.
              Independent Techno-functional Consultant