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    Autovue dms integration


      We use the Documentum integration from Autovue.
      The integration works fine, but we can't save markups in Documentum.
      First off all, we supposed that it would work out off the box, but this doesn't seems to work.
      Then we tried several things, all without success:

      - extend the applet and override some methods
      This gave an issue to open the new applet
      - Add javascript to the applet
      This is not an easy way to interact with the markups
      - Extend the vueservlet
      This was very time consuming, because we had to extend the Documentum implementation, there was no example or java files
      - Extend the Save Action
      Same issue as with the servlet, there is no documentation to extend the Documentum implementation

      Can someone please help us to get the best solution to get this working?

      Thank you,