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    Dequeue using AQ_AGENT

      I am very new to using Advanced Queues. My requirement is such that when the data is enqueued to the queue, it should be automatically read and populated to tables.
      I have created queue and have come across the concept of subscribers. Can i use subscriber, if yes, how can it be used? Will I have to customize it by additional code to populate my staging tables?
      Can someone guide me how can i fully utilize the various options provided to meet my requirement?

      Thanks in Advance,
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          ADN Research
          Good day! You have a long way to go. You first need to learn the concepts. You need to distinguish between P2P (peer-to-peer) and Publish/Subscribe queues (involving multicasting). The latter may require a special infrastructure and can also work better with heterogeneous systems (including Tibco Rendez-Vous and IBM Websphere MQ and the former MQ Series). I would recommend for you to download my paper and presentation from IOUG top ten at ioug.org. Regards, Anthony Noriega, OCP
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            Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me specifically how can I notify in PLSQL that a message has been enqueued?
            I have read that we can use DBMS_AQ.REGISTER to notify. I have created the required procedures but it does not automatically notify when message arrives in queue.(nothing happens to the enqueued message)
            I have followed the steps as:

            1) Created Object Type, Created queue table of this object type, and queue of this table type.
            2) Written a procedure to enqueue the data to the queue:
            r_enqueue_options DBMS_AQ.ENQUEUE_OPTIONS_T;
            r_message_properties DBMS_AQ.MESSAGE_PROPERTIES_T;
            v_message_handle RAW(16);
            o_payload aq_test_subs_type;
            o_payload := aq_test_subs_type('<EMPLOYEES>
            queue_name => 'aq_test_subs_queue',
            enqueue_options => r_enqueue_options,
            message_properties => r_message_properties,
            payload => o_payload,
            msgid => v_message_handle
            3) Created pl sql callback.
            create or replace procedure dequeue_using_agent
            2 ( context in raw
            3 , reginfo in sys.aq$_reg_info
            4 , descr in sys.aq$_descriptor
            5 , payload in aq_test_subs_type
            6 , payloadl in number
            7 )
            8 is
            9 begin
            10 /*logic to dequeue data*/
            11 end dequeue_using_agent;

            4) Registered the call back:
            l_reg_info_list sys.aq$_reg_info_list;
            l_reg_info_list := sys.aq$_reg_info_list(sys.aq$_reg_info('XXCUS.aq_test_subs_queue'
            , DBMS_AQ.NAMESPACE_AQ
            , 'plsql://XXCUS.dequeue_using_agent?PR=0'
            , hextoraw('FF')));
            dbms_aq.register(l_reg_info_list, 1);

            Can you hep me by telling if I have missed any steps?


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