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    How to Specify Page Range to be printed in PostScript File

      Hi Friends,

      I have a PS File to be printed. PS Level 3.

      I can specify some of the print attributes such as No.of.Copies, Collate, Duplex, Tumble, Page Size. etc..

      … Document prolog …
      << /NumCopies 2 /Collate false >> setpagedevice
      %%BeginFeature: *Duplex Duplex NoTumble
      << /Duplex true
      /Tumble false
      setpagedevice % 0 BeginPage
      %%BeginFeature: *PageSize Letter
      << /PageSize [612 792]
      /ImagingBBox null
      setpagedevice % 0 2 EndPage 0 BeginPage

      But i could not find a way to specify page range to be printed. For example, If my PS file have 5 page, I want to print only the pages 2-4. Please help me out sorting this.

      Also If Possible, I need help on setting attributes like NumberUp, Finishings, Orientation.

      But PageRange is must for my requirement. Please help me out.