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    Queries regarding creating Web Services in Oracle EBS 11i[Workaround found]


      We have an E-Business Suite 11i installation( In our implementation we are using some of the public APIs to insert & update data in EBS tables. Earlier this was done by calling the required PL/SQL procedures through dblinks.
      Now, we need to do the same by using Web Services. That is we need a Web Service which can be invoked from a different application(SAP) and the Web Service in turn will call the APIs.

      I am new to Web Services/SOA and as far as I could understand from reading the documentation, we need the following:

      1. Install Oracle 10g Application Server with BPEL Process Manager ONLY(Oracle AS Adapter will be installed as part of BPEL PM. The Oracle AS Adapter will connect 10gAS to EBS)
      2. JDeveloper to create and deploy the BPEL process.

      I have a few questions here:

      1. Are the above two points the only prerequisites for what I want to achieve? Do I need to install anything else?
      2. How do I expose the created Web Service? I mean how will the 3rd party application invoke this Web Service?

      Answers and/or links to helpful documents awaited.


      Posting the same question in EBS General Discussion Forum (Queries regarding creating Web Services in Oracle EBS 11i[Workaround found] where, I think, it has better chances of getting answered.

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