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    Duplication Handling and Notification Managment

      Our client has asked us for 3 things for an upcoming go live and we wanted to know if Product Data Hub/Quality would encompass these requests.

      1. Duplication Checking when creating a new item. currently when creating an item with PIM the only duplicate check is based on the item description. We added a attribute page that also gathers additional informartion about the item (initial cost, Mfg #, Mfg Name, Legacy #, ect). Of course this information is added after the item has been created but before the NIR has been attached. The oracle duplicate check happens before the item is created, but we would like to do some additional checks based on this extra info.

      2. Similarly we would like the ability to do data clean up. We would like a report that would show users any items that are a duplicate or possible duplicate of another item. This report would be used to help control the total number of items that are active in the system. There will be two options when generating the report, detailed and summary. The summary return data about the items based on all the orgs that it is assigned. The detailed will also provide data based on org such as on hand quantity along with other transactions. This report will also provide the functionality to inactivate the duplicate item as well move any on hand quantity (if any).

      3. Notificaiton Management: This extension will assist the Data Coding team by sorting and filtering notifications making only notifications that are applicable to the user available. As part of the NIR process notifications are created as the workflow to approve and item progresses towards completion. As more NIR are processed in parallel the more difficult it will be to sort through all the notifications. In order to make sure NIRs are process quickly and efficiently this extension will help users filter what notifications are relevant to them.