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    how to create map

      Hi Guys,

      I'm new in java ..
      i want to try create project like googlemaps .. map in certain place (example : my campus)
      also can give me advice about compiler , the best for newbie , powerfull and suitable for this project ..

      thanks for advance
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          This is ridiculous.

          If you're a newbie, this project is very far beyond your current abilities. It's like you just learned how to use a hammer, and now you want to build the Taj Mahal.

          Your question is very vague and poorly worded, and shows that you don't know enough about your problem to even ask a reasonable question.
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            thanks jverd..
            at least i want to try n learning somehow even out of beyond abilities n difficult way.
            beside nothing impossible if still have will to learn something new..
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              Hi 809816,

              Your idea of learning is very good.

              For implementing the project, first you have to learn data structures like graphs, stacks and queues.
              After that, have to know implementing the same with java collection frame work like ArrayList, Map.

              Think this may helpful to you.

              Ur Pal,