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    Unable - Planning 11.1.2 Drill back

      Hi Experts,
      I am using Hyperion 11.1.2. Loaded some data through FDM into Planning. Setup Planning Application settings with the properties:

      ENABLE_FOR_FDM - true

      Restarted Planning service. Then using webform access those intersection where I loaded data. But I am not getting Drill back option in Planning. Am I missing something. Any extra setting required in FDM or Essbase? Please help.

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          A few things:

          1. I don't know why you itemized out doing those 3 things... no where is it documented. I would highly suggest you review documentation first; before randomly applying what you think should happen.

          2. Are you sure you enabled the Drillable Regions Load of the Essbase Adapter?

          3. Did you review inside of EAS the drillable regions?

          4. Do you see a -C.dat file in the FDM Outbox?

          Thank you,
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            FDM drill through is not available for Planning applications if you install FDM using a method other than the one provided in the Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide. To resolve this, you must set an additional application property for FDM.

            Note: When you install FDM using the standard installation procedure, do not set this property because it overrides a property stored in the Registry for the FDM server.

            To make FDM data available to a Planning application if FDM is not installed using the standard installation procedure:

            1. Log on to the application with which you want to use FDM data.

            2. Select Administration, and then Manage Properties.

            3. In the Application Properties tab, click Add, then add this property name: FDM_BASE_URL.

            4. Specify the location where FDM is installed as the property value. For example:


            5. Click Save and restart the application server.

            Note: Setting this property is also useful if you install FDM on a different server and want to override the property stored in the Registry for the FDM server.

            Reference : http://otndnld.oracle.co.jp/document/products/epm/111200/E-17236/epm.1112/readme/hp_1112000_readme.html