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    Create the ODBC for OBIEE -[nQSError: 12017] Unexpected socket read timeout

      We are using OBIEE (version on a Red Hat Linux 5.5 (so 2.6.18-194.17.1.e15x86-64), in the client we are try to create the ODBC for OBIEE, but we are found same problems.
      Steps done:
      1 - In the ODBC Data Source Administrator, we had created a new ODBC in the system DSN, with driver provided by OBIEE (driver "Oracle BI Server 11g_OH ...")
      2 - Identify the server where we had installed OBIEE
      3 - Identify the user and password for Oracle BI server
      4 - Enable flag of the port, with is value
      5 - Enable flag Connect

      When we perform next, it tries to connect to server OBIEE and returns the following error message :

      [nQSError: 12017] Unexpected socket read timeout: connection terminated by network, e.g. by the firewall.
      [nQSError: 12008] Unable to connect to port 9704 on machine

      We already turned off the firewall and anti-virus, but the problem persists.

      If we don’t activate the flag Connect, the ODBC is created (but occurred an windows error), in the Oracle BI Administrator Tool when we try to access by File>Open>Online, but returns the following error message:
      Logon failed due to: [nQSError: 37001] Could not connect to the Oracle BI Server instance..

      Anybody have suggestions how to solve this problem?