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    2 way and 3 way

      Can we assign different receipt ways based on the line level, for example if we have a po inclused 2 lines , can i make the receipt for the first line 3 ways and for the second line 2 way


      Hazem Mahmoud
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          Match option is at shipment level. You can always control each shipment to be 2 way / 3 way or 4 way.
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            Many tahnks for your reply my question shipment will be for every separate single line so line 1 is 3 or 4 ways and line 2 may be on 2 way or the shipment will be for the whole po


            Hazem Mahmoud
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              Shipment is child of Line. Even in a line you can have granular shipments and select corresponding match options.
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                Hi Hazem,

                Well you had been asking about when the System chooses “2 Way” and when a “3 Way”

                While creating a non catalog Requisition: (in the Item type field)

                *2 Way Matching:*
                When you select the Option “Goods or Services billed by amount” the system follows “2 Way”

                *3 Way Matching:*
                When you select the Option “Goods billed by quantity” or “Services billed by quantity” the system follows the “3 Way”

                The Keyword here is “by quantity” and “by amount”
                By quantity: So when quantity comes into picture we need a receipt hence we use MarkView (to confirm requester’s verification by placing the receipt in Hold’s Resolved)

                By amount: Since it is only amount the invoice vs. PO comparison is made. Only Approval is needed in MarkView (Receiving is not required since it doesn’t require a receipt).

                The Buyer is responsible for creating the PO and he can club two or more requisitions in one PO if its for the same vendor (Supplier)

                Open the PO (Using Purchasing Super user)
                Click on the PO Line
                Click on Shipments--> Select More tab. You can can see the Match Aprroval level (2 way or 3 way or 4 way)
                Click on Distributions--> Select More Tab, You can find the requisition number

                So each PO Line can have a different Match Approval Level depending on the requisitions