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    Datatbase Connectivity issue - primavera P6 V7


      We have a user who is experiencing the folliowing error:

      TYPE: edatabaseerror
      Event Code: DSECF-1532-5
      Description: Database Server Error: connection failure

      Client is Windows XP sp3, DB server is SQL 2008 Sp 1 x64, on Windows 2008 R2

      Can anyone interpret the DSECF error code in any more detail? The DB server is reporting no errors, it is like the db connection is terminated normally by the client. Gut feeling is that this could be a network issue, where the route between the client machine and the db server is occasionally disrupted. Is there anything we can do to 1) gather more info, 2) configure P6 to be more resilient of intermittent network problems?

      Thanks in advance

      James Cross