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    Configure APEX listerner after Server Reboot

      Hi Folks,

      i have just moved off the EPG to the APEX listener and i must say it is a huge step up in performance for the users. My only gripe at the moment seems to be that whenever i reboot the server or restart glassfish i have to re-enter the config details of the database into the APEX listener configuration. Im sure i am probably doing something silly but for the life of me i cannot figure what........

      Win Server 2008 R2 x64
      Oracle 11g R2 x64
      Apex 4.0.1
      Apex Listener 1.0.2
      Glassfish OSE 3.0.1

      Hope someone can helps.


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          Hi Steven,

          the default location for the configuration file is java.io.tmpdir. Possibly your tmpdir is deleted/cleaned up upon restart.
          You could try to reconfigure the location of the config file in the web.xml.
          Note that the web.xml might be overwritten when a redeployment occurs. Some J2EE containers with autodeployment redeploy with every restart from the war file, so you might want to edit the web.xml in the war file (i.e. unpack and repack the war).
          The current production release of the Listener seems to have an issue considering the recognition of the config file on a non-default location. The following thread for details on a possible workaround: {thread:id=1518379}

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            thanks Udo I'll give it a go........it makes sense because i didnt choose the default location for the glassfish installation.....