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    Punch out problem with Internet Explorer


      Oracle Apps 11.5.10

      I have users who some specific users having some problem while entering into from Punch-out sites from iprocurement.

      They are unable to enter into the Punch-out site itself. I can see the progress bar move so slowly and finally it times out

      The other case is the user is able to enter into punch out site but when the user places the order in the cart and clicks on submit , the cart information which has to be transferred to Iprocurement Self service purchasing page for checkout gets lost. The process takes such a long time and gets timed out.

      This happens only to specific users who has IE 6 and people recentlu migrated from IE 6 to IE 8

      Does this need any browser settings to be configured or is there any complete solution to avoid this cart information loss.

      This works fine for me in my PC. I have no issues but i could find users facing this problem

      Oracle Apps Support