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    Designer and Forms 11g

      I wrote a blogpost on Designer and Forms11g: http://iadviseblog.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/designer-and-forms-11g/

      What are your thoughts on the future of Designer and Forms(11g)?
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          I used to do 100% generation and was a big fan of Designer.

          I don't see any future for it in my work - I don't see any benefit from it.

          I would use it if it was used on a site but , I haven't seen it being used for around 5 years now.

          Sad but c'est la vie. Development has changed hugely and Designer hasn't (whatever they say). I'm not going to do workarounds and compromises to create software so Forms 10g and Forms 11g are manually done (with a good set of olb / pll and database packages and javabeans)

          My 2 pence :)

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            But when you're using Designer and want to upgrade your application server to Weblogic and by this start using Forms 11g, the question about keep using Designer raises.
            I want to state that you don't have to throw away Designer or stay on Forms 10g.
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              A point made in this thread: Designer 11g?

              Oracle Developer Suite 10g support ends December 2011...
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                Grant Ronald-Oracle
                I hope that we (Oracle) have been clear in our position with respect to
                our tools. As Gert points out, there is absolutely nothing wrong in
                getting the full value of your investment out of tools such as Oracle
                Forms and Designer. I think it makes good business sense.