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    OBIEE 11G Services in to Windows Service

      Hi All,

      I've installed OBIEE 11G on a 64-bit Windows 2003 server and everything seems to be working fine when I run the BI services via the start menu. As per our security policy server will be logged off in 15 min, once the server logged off all services will be down and the server goes down. I'd like to get the Windows services created so I can logoff the machine and keep the environment running. Please help in this to create all OBIEE 11g services in to windows services .

      Thanks In Advance ,
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          I was facing a similar problem in the past.
          So I decided to write a blogpost about this issue. You can find it on [url http://bidwcz.blogspot.com/2010/11/obiee11g-jak-spoustet-weblogic-admin.html]Oracle Czech BI/DW blog.
          There is a button for English translation on the top right side of the page.

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            Michal, thank you for the post. I have a follow-up question:

            Why are the two Windows services even necessary? The reason I'm asking is this: Today I installed OBIEE 11g, and when the configuration ended, my browser opened to http://server:9704/analytics, and I was able to log in to Answers and run stuff from the SampleApp Lite subject area. Everything was working well, and there were no external command windows open. Nor were there any special Windows services running. Everything looked "clean".

            However, after restarting the server, now I have to run Start BI Services and have these two command windows open, or install a couple of services.

            Why? How come it worked just fine immediately after installation, without those command windows, and why can't that same condition/situation be duplicated exactly in the computer's startup routines? What's going on during configuration that we don't see, and that can't be duplicated on a restart of the machine without Windows services?
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              daan bakboord
              Hi Qujes,

              After installation everything runs in the background. That's why you do not see the cmd-boxes.


              Daan Bakboord
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                I'll rephrase the question:

                During the installation process, SOMETHING starts those processes in the background. What is that SOMETHING, and why can't we use it to start the processes in the background at any given point in the future?
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                  daan bakboord

                  Good question. Then you have to extract the logic of the installation program. I cannot help you with that.

                  What we used to do in 10g situations add the OC4J startup program as a Windows Task. When we started the server the OC4J task ran in the background.

                  You could probably try something similar for 11g. You have to alter the boot.properties files with some credentials because the script will ask for those during startup.

                  You have to start the procedures in a certain sequence. One script has to wait for another. You could try one script.

                  You can use the Enterprise Manager to start the opmn-scripts


                  Daan Bakboord
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                    As I was formulating a reply, this thought came to me: Let's presume that Oracle DID provide such a startup routine, and that we WERE able to start the services in the background via a simple batch file called from the Windows startup routines.

                    Here's the problem: We'd have to stop and restart those services from the command line, instead of using Windows Services dialog to stop and start. So the answer to my question is probably "yes, we could do that, but the related downside is greater than the advantage gained by doing so".
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                      Windows don't allow to start anything in the background via a command-line. You must always use a service to be run in the background.
                      Of course, you can start a service via a command-line with the "SC START" command. So you can write a command-line batch file to start a bunch of services if you want to avoid using the Service Manager application.
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                        Document 1214693.1 from support.oracle.com explains how to set up OBIEE 11g to use Windows Services.

                        Good luck

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                          Mark T.
                          Michal, you wrote: "Windows don't allow to start anything in the background via a command-line." That was/is also my understanding.

                          And although I agree 100% that the Windows Services are the way to go, for ease of startup and shutdown, I also have to give Oracle credit for doing something cool, and I'm naturally curious as to HOW they did it.

                          Because immediately after installation, we can access Analytics and EM and Console, and there are NO command windows open, and no AdminServer and ManagedServer services installed. Something very cool, somewhere in the depths of the installation routine, was able to run OBIEE in such a way that it did not need foreground instantiations of the AdminServer and ManagedServer. I would love to know "how did they do that?"
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                            Hi Everybody ,

                            Thanks for all your support ,Finally I found solution for my issue . I wort two scripts for Admin sever and Presentation server , Now OBIEE services is running with windows services . Now I can access the application even OBIEE server is in logoff mode .

                            Thanks ,
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                              Also, you can have the bi_server1 managed server service wait for the Admin to start. This way you can set the Windows service for the Admin server to start automatically but wait a few minutes for it to show started and have the managed server to wait until the Admin server shows it has started.

                              The basic process is to have make the Admin Server wait 3 minutes (adjust for your server startup variance) before reporting itself as started and then making the managed server wait to start until the Admin servers shows a started status. It's documented here: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14571_01/web.1111/e13708/winservice.htm#

                              The normal process is to start the Node Manager, Admin Server, then any Managed Servers.

                              I hope this helps others put things together easier.

                              Take care,
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                                Hi Qujes,


                                I am even having issues in starting the OBIEE using windows services.

                                Can you please let me know what is the document you have used for your Services installation.


                                Thanks In Advance...