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    Bug when using Tab Images


      I'm trying to use Tab Images in APEX 4.0.1, but have hit a couple of bugs.

      Firstly, I'm using the substitution string #TAB_IMAGE# in the page template. This is described in the help as "Image File Name", however this is replaced with the full image tag. I believe the help text is very misleading in this instance.

      Secondly, and this is by far the bigger problem, the img tag that replaces #TAB_IMAGE# has the image prefix hard coded into the src! So if the Current Tab Image for my tab is set to http://www.example.com/images/tab1.png then the source for the image in my case is /i/http://www.example.com/images/tab1.png which is incorrect.

      This means that images for tabs MUST always be in the directory referenced by the #IMAGE_PREFIX# substitution string.

      Am I missing something here? Is there a workaround? Currently we are unable to use Tab Images due to this.

      Many thanks
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          I have also found another bug. Tabs always use the Current Image and never display the Non Current Image.

          I don't know if this has been introduced in 4.0.1, but it makes Tab Images completely unuseable. Is there another substitution string for the non current tab image perhaps that's not documented?

          Any help on this appreciated even if it's just to confirm it's a bug.

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            Arie Geller
            Hello Sara,

            The behavior you are describing is a long time known issue. It is a bug that should have been resolved by now, but for some reason was not. Maybe it’s because none of the default (built-in) page templates is using images with TABs.

            The workaround is to create your own img tag in the appropriate page template section, using the #TAB_NAME# substitution string. The principle is to name your corresponding images like current_#TAB_NAME#.gif and non_current_#TAB_NAME#.gif, where the #TAB_NAME# part in the file name is replaced with the actual tab name. So, for a TAB called EMP, you’ll have two image files by the names current_EMP.gif and non_current_EMP.gif.


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