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    Burst to email body instead of attachment?


      Is it possible to burst a report to the email body (with multiple rows of data) instead of using an attachment? For example, I need to send emails to employees who are missing timecards. If they are missing multiple weeks, I'd like to print the missing weeks as separate rows in the email BODY. We don't want to use attachments for this.

      We are using BI Publisher integrated with the e-Business Suite.

      Thank you for your help!


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          Try to check patch# 6135146 (for XMLP 5.6.3) if it works for you. Otherwise, post your bursting xml to see what's wrong.

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            I'm not sure what that patch is for - it looks like it's for when the message body is sent as an attachment.

            What I am trying to do is loop through the data in the message body to return more than one row in the message body. An example email body would be:

            Please submit timecards for department ${USER_GROUP}.

            01-Oct-2010 --the report column name would be ${TC_DATE}
            08-Oct-2010 --the report column name would be ${TC_DATE}
            16-Oct-2010 --the report column name would be ${TC_DATE}

            The timecard periods are returned as separate rows of data in the report. Is there a way to get the email body to list data rows on separate lines?

            I've only constructed single-line emai bodies in the past. I don't want to send an attachment. In the control file below, I'd like to be able to list all missing timecards for a user in the email body below the line that states "Please submit timecards for department ${USER_GROUP}." I have no idea how to loop through data in a control file.....

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xapi" type="bursting">
            <xapi:request select="/BURST/DATA">
            <xapi:email id="123" server="smtp-ma.server.com" port="25" from="user@email.com" reply-to="user@email.com">
            <xapi:message id="123" to="user@email.com" attachment="true" subject="Missing Timecards for ${USER_GROUP}">
            Please submit timecards for department ${USER_GROUP}.
            <xapi:document output-type="pdf" delivery="123">
            <xapi:template type="rtf" location="xdo://HXC.MISSING_TC.en.US/?getSource=true" filter="">

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              Susan -

              Had a similar problem. Was able to solve it in the following manner:

              1. Don't supply a template in your report configuration.
              2. The Data Model only need to have a value corresponding to the deliver by element in the burst query.
              3. the Bursting query should contain all the data elements that you need to report on as a subquery. Use "to_char", "LPAD", "RPAD", CHR(10), and CHR(13) and || operators to create a formatted plan text message body in the PARAMETER5 (Message Body) field of the Bursting email.

              I'm using this approach to burst a daily sales snapshot that is readable on in a blackberry email on a single screen. The sales guys like it because there isn't an attachment and they get a daily update of where they're at to plan on their phones which is visible without scrolling (it's a very small report).

              Hope that helps!

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                I have an RTF template that is implemented as part of the email body and not attached. This was solved by configuring the bursting definition as 'HTML' OUTPUT_FORMAT.
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                  Hi ,

                  I am trying to send a Letter to employee's email id , using XML Publisher . But i want the letter to be in the email body and not in the attachment . We are using Peoplesoft 9.0 and XML Publisher .

                  How can this be achieved ? If I have to use Bursting ,can you explain the steps I need to do ? IS there any pre-requiste for this . I am very new to Bursting concepts & XML publisher . SO any help would be appreciated .

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                    Hello Chris

                    Thank you for yoru update, In peoplesoft/process schduler the only option to send XMLP publisher is as attachment. The above detailed issue is on Oracle ebusiness aplication. Please go through the below details from peoplesoft peoplebooks

                    Bursting Reports

                    The ReportDefn class ProcessReport method has code built in to process a single report request to create multiple output files per the bursting instructions defined on the report definition. Bursting always occurs at runtime if a burst value is stored in the report definition's burst field value.
                    Distributing Reports

                    PeopleCode options are available for posting your generated report to a file server, printing it, or publishing it to the Report Manager with appropriate security.

                    For online viewing, a method is available for passing the output back to the browser. No report results are persisted, but the user viewing the results can use the browser's Save As feature to retain the report file locally.

                    When the output type is Printer, the output format is limited to PDF. A printer location must be specified, and the printer must be capable of printing PDF output. If the output file is large, adequate memory must be available on the print server.

                    Distribute To IDs are those defined in the Report Definition, Security page. Distribution functionality within the Process Scheduler is enhanced to assign values systematically per the XML Publisher report definition. The Report Definition, Security page provides choices for selecting a Report Manager folder as well as the ability to assign viewing rights to additional roles or user IDs at runtime if allowed by the report definition.

                    When the report definition has the Allow viewer ID assignment at report runtime check box selected, the report requestor can add or delete IDs. If no viewers are assigned, by default the requestor’s ID is added systematically.

                    Hope this is helpful
                    Thank you
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                      Hi Dennis,

                      I am trying to deliver the output generated using an rtf template as email body and not attachment, tried all possible combinations of the bursting file configuration parameters.. but could not accomplish the results.. can you send me a copy of the bursting file you used to get this done to my gmail ID, my ID is whois4274.

                      Thanks in advance.
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                        Hi Dennis,
                        Even I have a similar requirement where I have to have the template content to be displayed in the email body instead of attachement.I tried all options but couldn't achieve it.It would be great if you can share the sample bursting control file to my email i.e sruji84@gmail.com
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                          I'm using XML Publisher, and scheduled a report to run monthly and it is working fine and sending the report as an attachment.

                          Now i have a requirement to send the report as an email body, can any one advise how to do this.

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                            Please accept my apology for not replying timely to those that were asking for my bursting query:


                            select distinct

                            ID KEY,

                            'mytemplate' TEMPLATE,

                            'RTF' TEMPLATE_FORMAT,

                            'en-US' LOCALE,

                            'HTML' OUTPUT_FORMAT,   <<<Use this option to place the content of the report in the email body

                            'EMAIL' DEL_CHANNEL,

                            STUDENT_EMAIL PARAMETER1,

                            INSTRUCTOR_EMAIL PARAMETER2,

                            'service@mail.blah.com' PARAMETER3,

                            'Course Progress' PARAMETER4,

                            'false' PARAMETER6

                            from .....