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    LIBTUX_CAT:681: ERROR: Failure to create message queue

      I am getting the following error while starting PeopleSoft Application server for demo data base on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 64 bit.

      Can someone please help me what am I doing wrong here?

      075417.localhost.localdomain!PSANALYTICSRV.4065.3909714272.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting
      075418.localhost.localdomain!PSRENSRV.4072.491399232.-2: 11-19-2010: Tuxedo Version, 64-bit
      075418.localhost.localdomain!PSRENSRV.4072.491399232.-2: LIBTUX_CAT:681: ERROR: Failure to create message queue
      075418.localhost.localdomain!PSRENSRV.4072.491399232.-2: LIBTUX_CAT:248: ERROR: System init function failed, Uunixerr = : msgget: No such file or directory
      075418.localhost.localdomain!tmboot.4023.3569636960.-2: CMDTUX_CAT:825: ERROR: Process PSRENSRV at localhost.localdomain failed with /T tperrno (TPEOS - operating system error)
      075418.localhost.localdomain!tmboot.4023.3569636960.-2: tmboot: CMDTUX_CAT:827: ERROR: Fatal error encountered; initiating user error handler
      075422.localhost.localdomain!BBL.4020.2558671968.0: CMDTUX_CAT:26: INFO: The BBL is exiting system
      075425.localhost.localdomain!PSADMIN.4014: End boot attempt on domain fdmo91