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    JSWS 7.09 and default ACL puzzle

      We recently did a clean install of JSWS 7.09 and pointed a virtual server to an existing doc root. When we try to access the website run by the instance, we are faced with the webserver username/password dialog. We didn't intend to implement this and have no idea how to get past it.

      We have looked into the security for our configuration and found two ACLs listed: "default" and "ec-internal." We played with these a bit and by allowing anyone all rights, we were finally able to view the expected web page. However, we think that we should only allow anyone rxi rights -- as soon as we do that, we are faced with the webserver authentication dialog again.

      So, two questions:

      1) What did we do during installation to inadvertently require authentication?

      2) What settings should we use for an ACL (if we need one) for a very generic website that the general public can view and without user logins?

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          Looks like you are using the default acl instead of the es-internal acl.
          If you use the default docroot location, you will have been assigned the es-internal acl but you choosing a different docroot location would had triggered it to apply the default acl instead.
          You can simply apply the es-internal acl to your docroot to fix this or create a new acl for your docroot as follows:

          allow (read,execute,info)
          user = "anyone";
          deny (list,write,delete)
          user = "anyone";
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            This seems to have resolved itself.