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    11g instanceconfig configuration tags


      does anyone have a list of available configuration tags for instanceconfig.xml in 11g? in 10g i used a solution which depends on updateble session variable through GO URL.
      (answers request is called with a URL parameter which sets the session variable within the request)

      following tags were added in the 10g instanceconfig back then:

      <UserIdPassword enabled="true">
      <Param name="NQ_SESSION.MEASURE" source="url" nameInSource="MEASURE"/>

      i'm looking for an equivalent in 11g (and preferably a list of all possible configuration tags, found them for 10g long time ago)


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          You can add any tags in instanceconfig.ini files as per your requirement as in 10g it follows in 11g.
          Go to this path and change the instanceconfig file /<MW_HOME>/instances/instance1/config/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obips1\instanceconfig.ini

          i would say apply the same tag you applied in 11g and start the services and check out and play around with it.

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            thanks for your answer.
            i copied the <auth> tag to a seperate file, literally instanceconfig.ini, enclosed it within the <webconfig> and <serverinstance> tags assuming you meant as a seperate file because adding the <auth> tag with its contents to the instanceconfig.xml results in errors starting the presentation service. I think <auth> is now <authentication> in the 11g instanceconfig for example.

            When i called the answers request with the GO url including the url setting parameter for session variable, the same dataset is being built every time (the session variable keeps its default value).
            i think the instanceconfig.ini file is omitted in general? the configuration of the session variable itself is no problem since i can change its value with the SQL prefix option in answers advanced tab..

            so still looking for a solution. is there any documentation on migrating instanceconfig to 11g?


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              Still dint research to that extent on what your saying,But will this blog help you check out

              There is no such documentation migrating Config files from 10g to 11g.

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                I am not sure if this is the answer to your question. I was doing a POC where I needed to pass session variables through Go urls. I faced the same issue you mentioned above (Presentation services not coming up after modifying the instanceconfig.xml file).

                Below are the steps that I followed to get this to work. Am not sure , if this is the right way to do it or if there is any other issues that occurs if we do it using the method mentioned below.

                1) Go to authenticationschemas.xml file located at C:\<MW_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\web\display (there is 11gdocumentation about making changes to this file when integrating with some other application)
                2) Located the comment <!-- Group for HTTP POST login --> in this file
                3) Located the <AuthenticationSchemaGroup> under this comment

                4) There would be 3 xml tags as mentioned below. These are values that we usually pass as params in Go urls. Assumed that since we add the new session variable names in <Auth> tag in 10g, this might have translated to "type=auth" in 11g.

                <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="NQUser" biVariableName="UID" options="trim" />
                <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="NQPassword" biVariableName="PWD" options="secure"/>
                <RequestVariable source="url" type="proxyUserAuth" nameInSource="RUNAS" biVariableName="NQ_SESSION.RUNAS" />

                5) Add the new entries along with the above entries : Save the file

                     <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="SETVAR" biVariableName="NQ_SESSION.TEST_VAR"/>
                     <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="SETUSER" biVariableName="NQ_SESSION.TEST_USER"/>
                <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="SETCOMP" biVariableName="NQ_SESSION.TEST_COMPANY"/>

                6) Restart the services. (I restared all my servers ..just to make sure ).

                7 ) Used the Go url in the format given below


                Again, I have no idea if this how its supposed to be done, It just worked out when I was doing some trial and error.

                Hope it helps!!!

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                  I am sorry but I followed this to the letter and it did not work in Any other ideas?

                  BTW - are you sure you didn't initialize the session variables with defaults that were the same as the values you were testing from the GoURL?

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