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    data backup and restore differences using expdp/impdp

      RDBMS : oracle 10g standard edition
      OS : Linux

      Our existing backup scenario is on expdp/impdp based.We have production server and backup server. we schedule the expdp from production to backup server . In case of failure to production we move to backup server.
      If system is crashed then the process is simple and we have to restore all the expdp to production server.

      But if production server is temporarily unavailable and we switched to backup server. Here we have problem, as failure was minor and recovered after some time.So we have existing data secure on production server.But during production down time, backup server facilitates the requests.In this case when we have to move back, restoring the complete dump is not feasible as we will lost transactions on production server that happen after schedule dump.

      I want to find out some way where I can only import differences from backup to production server, mean to import only those records that are not exist on production.

      can you please guide me the optimal way to solve this issue?
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          Lubiez Jean-Valentin

          Have you ever tried a Disaster Recovery Plan ?

          As you know export is not a Backup and for all I know there's no way to make an "incremental" export so that you can import just the few more transactions you had on Production.

          Instead, you may think to move to a real Backup solution as RMAN.

          Put the Production Database in ARCHIVELOG mode so as to save all current transactions. Duplex your Archivelog (it's possible in Standard Edition) so that you don't loose them if a disk or server failure occurs and use RMAN for your Backup.

          By that way you could Restore the Database and Recover the last transactions by applying the Archived Redolog files.

          Please, find enclosed links about RMAN:



          Hope this help.
          Best regards,
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            these are all may give some downtime for the production DB.

            So try to setup RAC or dataguard for high availability of the production.

            Hope your database is running in archivelog mode, so configure RMAN backups at various levels,
            Full, incremental, archivelog only ...

            These backups will help for the fast recovery without data loss.