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    Modifying PO Distributions

      I have a requirement to update the distributions on approved Purchase Orders in E-Business Suite.

      A buyer is not able to do this to approved, and encumbered, purchase orders.

      Does anyone know of a API or anything which could do this
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          If something is not possible from the front-end, it is typically not possible via an API either.
          You will have to cancel the record and create a new one.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Unreserve the PO and update the quantities and re-reserve it again.

            You can also think of using PO Change API. This will try to do the same via plsql.
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              For cleaner business transactions, users can do all the changes in multpile editings and approve the PO after all the changes.
              Once approved, changes can be preferably minimal.
              Although we do not have control on the nature and severity of the transactions, it is safer to stick to this cycle.
              If encumbrance is on, as mentioned by others, unreserve - make changes - reserve cycle always works.

              Usage of an API is not exactly advisable when the users can do the changes by themselves by unreserving.

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                For financial governance the client has decided against allowing users to change approved PO's since they would need to be reapproved and the modifier would have the ability to both change and reapprove

                Thanks for your comments