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    I Have Issue while creating Requisition with over $100 million


      I Have an Issue while Creating Non Catalog Request in R12 iProcurement with Over 100Million as Unit Price for a quantity 1.
      Created Non Catalog Request and hit view cart and Checkout --> checkout --> Entered PTAE Details and Hit Next.
      it says "You do not have the authority to approve this requisition. Select the Manage Approvals button to add at least one approver before you proceed to the next step. "

      where as for 1 million and 10 million it goes to two different Approver.Business said they have an Approver for unlimited Amount limit. but its not picking up in the Approver Page.
      Please let me know, how i have to map the Approver which have unlimited Amount limit for the 100 million.

      Any hint or steps will be helpful.

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          Go to PO Super User responsibility and check approval groups and assignments (Setup > Approval > Approval Groups and Setup > Approval > Approval Assignments). If not done, create or assign the approver to a group with a limit greater than 100M for Purchase Requisitions.

          Hope it helps.
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            We have set the 9,999,999,999.00 limit. but the issue is, its not mapping to the Approver.
            if you say, where i have to map the Approver through class file or API. it will be helpful.

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              It is nothing to do with a non-catalog or catalog based PR. It should folllow the normal approval process. Is the self-approval option is enabled (owner can approve) for document type : Purchase Requisition? Is your approval mechanism based on Emp-Supervisor or Positional Hierarchy?

              System is failing to generate the list of people who should appear in the Approval Process thats b'coz someone has not been assigned a job through which he/she can aprove a 100M PR.

              Please check below setups in your purchasing
              1) Approval group for 100M (unlimited Amount)
              2) Approval assignment : Assigned to a Job which approve docuemnt type : Purchase requisition
              3) 100 M Job approval limit assigned to an approver.

              As a work around..1) keep the self approval option enabled for PR 2) assign 100M job aproval to yourself 3) Create a requisition and submit for approval.

              / S.P DASH
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                Are you using AME for approval routine or Purchasing's routing methods? => Check if you have a value in AME Transaction Type in Document Types form for Purchase Requisitions.

                If you are using Core Purchasing's routing methods (i.e., if the above value is null) -
                Are you using Position Hierarchy or Employee-Manager routing? Verify the checkbox "Use Position Hierarchy" in HR Tab in the Financial Options.
                If you are using position hierarchy, then you need to note down the position assigned to the maximum $ value.
                If you are using Employee-Manager routine, note down the Job associated with the maximum $ value.

                For position hierarchy, ensure that the maximum $value position appears in the position hierarhcy tied to the document type. Also ensure that the position has an active person assigned to.
                For Employee-Manager, ensure that one of the requester's manager hierarchy is having the maximum $value job.

                You can also use the Approval Diagnostics shipped part of the EBS. This will give you more information related to the error/warnings in your setup.