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    Start / Stop scripts for apex listener

      Hello Forum,

      exists start / stop scripts for the apex listener?

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          Hello 814917,

          the APEX Listener always runs on a J2EE container. This can be the embedded GlassFish which you start "by hand" using the statement provided by the documentation for the Listener on that container. You may include additional start parameters for that case.
          In all other cases you deploy the war file onto the running container (e.g. WLS, OC4J/OAS, (full) GlassFish).

          Apparently, a "start/stop script" in that generic sense cannot exist.

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            Hi Udo,

            I can use the apex listener stand alone and therefore I need start / stop scripts.
            I don't want to use an J2EE Container because I want to use the listener stand alone.

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              the "standalone" is actually an embedded GlassFish - which is a J2EE Container with only basic functionality.
              As I mentioned before, you find everything you need for a start-script in the documentation. In general, all you need to to is to call
              java -jar apex.war
              If you don't have an appropriate Java version in your PATH, a very simple one using all default parameters and requiring the environment variable "JAVA_HOME" to be set up correctly would look like this
              %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar apex.war
              If you use Linux/Unix, this would look like
              $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar apex.war
              There (currently) is no actual stop script for the embedded GlassFish. You may send a break to the process or run Ctrl+C in the console. If you want more comfort, you should consider using a "full-featured" J2EE Container.